Upcoming events at our clinics, hosted by our team of experts.

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Pilates Classes #

We are dedicated to providing expertly taught modified Pilates exercises in order to return you to your chosen activity fitter and stronger than before. We aim for your sessions to be unique, effective and enjoyable, whilst also contributing to your health and well-being.

If you are interested in a 1:1 Pilates session book an appointment.

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Strength & Conditioning Classes #

These classes have been designed with particular goals in mind; they range from event preparation to full body workouts, and vary throughout the year. They are all taught by our Physiotherapists or Strength & Conditioning Coaches.

12 Jan 2019
12 January 2019
James Roberts

Return to sport following ACL reconstruction

At the end of this 2-day course, you will be able to plan and implement an evidence-based rehabilitation program phasing in towards RTP of the athlete.

15 Jan 2019
15 January 2019
Bryan Mc Cullough
Cameron Lane Sq
Alessandra Perbellini
Psm Rp Massage Jameswright

Runners: Improve Performance & Prevent Injury

This event will benefit runners of all abilities, especially those prepping for the London Marathon.

15 Jan 2019
15 January 2019
Huub Habet Crop
Omr 7498
Psm Profile Stt Timholman

Practical Running Workshop

The evening will focus on strength, conditioning and self management techniques (including foam rolling) to help optimise your performance and enhance your recovery.

16 Jan 2019
16 January 2019
Alex Quinn Crop
Psm Profile Peterhorobin Adjusted
Mike Ho Crop
Cameron Lane Sq
Psm Profile Massage Tn Elissamillhouse

Expert Marathon Workshop

Pure Sports Medicine will be hosting a practical marathon workshop at our Bank clinic. This event will be ideal for anyone running a marathon in 2019.

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