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Upcoming events at our clinics, hosted by our team of experts.

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Pilates Classes #

We are dedicated to providing expertly taught modified Pilates exercises in order to return you to your chosen activity fitter and stronger than before. We aim for your sessions to be unique, effective and enjoyable, whilst also contributing to your health and well-being.

If you are interested in a 1:1 Pilates session book an appointment.

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Strength & Conditioning Classes #

These classes have been designed with particular goals in mind; they range from event preparation to full body workouts, and vary throughout the year. They are all taught by our Physiotherapists or Strength & Conditioning Coaches.

11 Feb 2019
11 February 2019
Hakan Alfredson
Lorenzo Masci

Alfredson’s Tendon Clinic

Professor Håkan Alfredson, will be over from Sweden and holding his specialist Tendon Clinic at Chancery Lane.

5 Mar 2019
5 March 2019
Rick Seah
Mike Burdon
Lorenzo Masci
James Noake
Stephen Thompon Sq
Catherine Lester Sq
Farrah Jawad Crop
James Thing
Psm Profile Sportsdoc Natashabeach
Anthony Waring Sq
Psm Jonathan Korgaonkar1
Psm Ajai Seth5

Sport, Exercise & Musculoskeletal Medicine Study Day

We are hosting our first annual Sport, Exercise & Musculoskeletal Medicine Study Day.

11 Mar 2019
11 March 2019

Introduction to Pilates Equipment — 3 week course

This 3-week course will enable you to master the key points of Pilates through a range of Beginner equipment based exercises and allow you to get the most out of Pilates equipment classes on the equipment going forward.

20 Mar 2019
20 March 2019
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The Deadlift Workshop

This Deadlift Workshop will give you the tools to bulletproof your deadlift and unlock its potential to resolve lower back discomfort, improve posture, and develop strong hips, glutes, hamstrings and quads.