Remote Health & Wellbeing Services

Support your team and access London’s leading provider of Sport, Exercise and Musculoskeletal Medicine remotely.

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Working from home shouldn’t mean pain and injury are left unaddressed, or health, wellbeing and fitness fall by the wayside.

We’re ensuring your team can still access the highest standard of care and advice while out of the office.

Sport, Exercise and MSK Medicine Services #

We’re offering remote consultations for new and existing patients with the following services:

  • Consultants in Sport & Exercise Medicine
  • Physiotherapy & Osteopathy
  • Podiatry
  • Strength & Conditioning 
  • Pilates
  • Nutrition

Medical services are covered by all major private health insurers. For more information or to book, please enquire below.

Online Exercise Classes #

Our expert Strength & Conditioning Coaches and Pilates Instructors will guide your teams through a variety of exercises to help maintain good physical and mental health while working remotely.

Types of classes include:

• Pilates Mat Class
50/50 Pilates & Strength & Conditioning
• Group Strength & Conditioning class
• Injury Prevention Class

Classes are suitable for all levels.

One-off Class (50 minutes for x12 people max)


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Block of 4 classes (60 minutes per class for x12 people max)


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Block of 6 classes (60 minutes per class for x12 people max)


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Online Live Webinars #

Join our experts live to access advice on all aspects of health and wellbeing (all talks tailored specifically to your team and working circumstances). 

Topics can include:

  • Working from Home: Hints & habits 
  • Desk Exercises: How to keep moving throughout the day
  • Managing Stress and Avoiding Burnout
  • Exercise and Mental Health
  • How to Keep you Heart Healthy
  • Improving Immunity with Food and Lifestyle
  • Nutrition for Memory, Cognition & Brain Health
  • Back Pain Management
  • Back Care 2.0 — Myth Busting
  • Injury Prevention for Sport (Running / Cycling / Golf / Tennis etc)

We can also create variations or bespoke events on request. For more information and a full list of topics, please enquire.

Live Webinar + Q&A (60 minutes)


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Set of 2 Live Webinars + Q&A

£900 (discount of £100)

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Set of 3 Live Webinars + Q&A

£1,200 (discount of £300)

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If you would like more information or have a specific request for your team, please feel free to get in touch.

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