Running: Preparation, Recovery, Performance. A Three Part Event Series.

Thursday 28 November 2019
7:00pm – 8:45pm

Our clinicians, many of whom share your passion for running, have put together a three part event series focusing on running preparation, recovering from injuries, improving performance and the prevention of future injury.

Whether you are preparing for a marathon, your new PB or even your very first run, there is a lot to gain from these three events. Our specialists will break down this sport from the shoes you should be wearing right up to the best nutritional options to help you perform to the very best of your ability.

19th November

Preparation - training plans, nutrition and footwear

  • To begin, Physiotherapist Alex Quinn will discuss choosing the right training programme for you.
  • To follow, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Dean Sutton with explain Lactate Threshold Testing and how it could help you achieve your performance goals.
  • Diet & Nutritionist Marc Bubbs will talk about nutrition for runners, specifically those who are training for a marathon.
  • Finally you'll hear from Podiatrist Louise Stirk about selecting the right running shoe. You'll be surprised at what you might have overlooked!

28th November

Injuries - what to look out for, when to seek help and how to recover

  • Osteopath Kieran Lowe will start us off by looking at biomechanics and answering the questions: how important is technique? And, how does technique link to certain running injuries?
  • Secondly Physiotherapist, Rebecca Christenson will focus on Tendon injuries, something unfortunately many runners may have experienced but there's good news - there is light at the end of the tunnel!
  • Physiotherapist Suzy Veitch will then speak about bone stress injuries.
  • And to finish Physiotherapist Will Tardiff will discuss muscle injuries.

4th December

Running Performance and Injury Prevention

  • Soft Tissue Therapist Elissa Millhouse will kick off the final event in this series and explain what benefits Soft Tissue Therapy can bring to a runner's career.
  • Pilates Instructor David Johnson will then explain how Pilates can help prevent injuries in the future, and also be a form of treatment for those who have already sustained an injury.
  • And like the process you may take through our multidisciplinary team, you will finally meet Strength and Conditioning Coach Cameron Lane who will talk you through how Strength and Conditioning can help you reach, and exceed, your running goals (even after injury!).

For the chance to ask our Specialists any specific questions you may have, the team will open the floor to a Q&A at the end each event.


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