PEAK40 Nutrition Coaching

Looking to get leaner, improve your body composition or trim belly-fat? This is the programme for you.

Success starts with a plan. Your life is probably really busy. What you eat, how you move, and your lifestyle should be a reflection of you.

You’ve probably tried numerous diets, health hacks and trendy get lean’ quick schemes only to find out the benefits are short-lived. You need something different.

You need to understand your body and build a plan that fits your lifestyle.

Key fundamentals to PEAK:

  • Your diet should be made up of foods you enjoy and activities that energise you. 
  • Food is about more than calories and macros. 
  • Your metabolism, your thyroid, your overall health are all adversely impacted by fad and extreme diets. 
  • Rather than following a set of strict rules, taking expensive supplements, or having to change your life to fit your new diet régime learn to take a different path.

Marc will help you reach your peak, by guiding you through a plan to build the best you by making simple changes in your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle practices that have powerful impacts. 

Day by day, one step at a time over the next 90 days.

What you get:

  • A nutrition programme that fits your lifestyle.
  • A step-by-step program that gives you weekly targets to achieve.
  • Weekly check-ins and accountability.
  • Tools for building key habits to kick-start and maintain progress.
  • Consistent, personalised remote support, videos and insights that lets you connect wherever you are. 
  • A program designed around solid, evidence-based science and the success of over 1,000 other women. 
  • A 12-week programme to make a healthier, fitter, happier, and more confident you than ever before.

The specifics: #

  • 4 One-to-One Consults (60 minute Initial + 3x Follow-Ups every 4 weeks) — online via Skype/​Zoom/​Google Hangouts with Dr. Marc Bubbs. 
  • Weekly Email Support- you’ll receive weekly goals, targets and strategies to achieve them. 
  • Weekly Insights - a response from Dr Bubbs to your personal questions by the end of the business day
  • Weekly Lessons — articles, interviews and/​or videos related to your weekly task to help understand the why’.
  • Movement & Exercise Plan — a holistic approach incorporating a transformational exercise plan tailored to your fitness level and lifestyle.
  • Price — £421

This programme is all about mastering the fundamentals, so you can feel better, lose weight, and be the best you.

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