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The UK’s leading provider of Musculoskeletal, Sport and Exercise Medicine.

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We provide access to the highest standards of medical care, otherwise reserved for elite athletes.

At Pure Sports Medicine, we believe that your body is your most important investment, so it deserves the best care possible, optimised for you.

Since being founded from personal experience, we have made it our mission to provide access to the same model of care received by elite athletes, where you have your very own team of world-class specialists delivering tailored treatment, individual to you, when you need it. We understand that everybody is unique and, therefore, need to be treated as such, but with the highest standards of care possible, not limited to performance alone.

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FAQs #

When would I need to visit a Sports Injury Clinic?

Whenever you sustain an injury or have a chronic condition or issue that is impacting your day-to-day life or stopping you from achieving your sporting goals.

Can I come to a Sports Injury Clinic if I'm not a sports person?

Yes, absolutely. Although we deliver your treatment similarly to an athlete's team approach, our services are for everyone.

Can I use my private medical insurance?

This is dependant on the services you use. However we are able to bill directly for most of them. To see which services your specific insurer covers, click here.