Marc Bubbs



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Specialist Interests

Nutrition for Weight Loss, Obesity, Type‑2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Supporting Athletic Goals

Sporting Interests

Yoga, Weight Training, Team sports and Endurance Sports

Currently Works At

Performance Nutrition Lead for Canada Basketball

Work Experience

Toronto Athletic Club

Other Experience

Author of PEAK: The New Science of Athletic Performance That Is Revolutionizing Sport and Corporate Speaker

Dr Bubbs gave me several simple steps to rewire my attitude towards food, break old habits and create new positive ones. During the Transform Programme I gained increased self-esteem, confidence, and most importantly the most precious gift, time. It has been a life changer.


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Marc’s Blog Posts #


Dry January, is it Really Worth It?

Many who take part in dry January probably do so for their health and wellbeing, but what are the true benefits of dry January if we go right back to square one on 1st February? Consistency is key for solidifying many good habits and that is as true here as ever before.

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The Hydration Debate — How Much Water Do You Really Need?

Nutritionist Marc Bubbs explores whether there is a danger to drinking too much water and if it is better for you to drink when you’re thirsty, rather than aiming for a daily quota.

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21 Foods To Boost Your Immunity

In this blog Nutritionist Marc Bubbs addresses several key deficiencies to be aware of and shares 21 ways you can boost your immune system.


Prevention is the Best Medicine: Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle & COVID-19

Nutritionist Marc Bubbs discusses the facts linking Covid-19 and the benefits of a healthier lifestyle to strengthen your immune system.