Yaad Jacob Hassan

Soft Tissue Therapist


Yaad Hassan SQ
Specialist Interests

Pain Management, Stress Related Pain, Glutes, Lower & Upper Back and Neck Discomfort & Range of Movement

Sporting Interests

Gymnastics, Cross Fit and MMA

Work Experience

Private Chinese Medicine Clinic and Trauma Medic

Other Experience

Acupuncture, Nutrition and Herbs & Supplementation

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St Paul’s EC4M

Our St Paul’s clinic occupies a prime location on the 1st floor of the One New Change development, convenient to Cannon Street, Mansion House and Blackfriars. Offering both face-to-face and remote consultations.

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Yaad Jacob’s Blog Posts #

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Is Pain a Serious Matter? Humour & Pain Management

Have you ever laughed during an appointment with the GP, Nurse or Dentist? Jokes and humour have proven benefits and Soft Tissue Therapist Yaad Hassan explores these within a Medical setting.


PTSD & Pain

A therapeutic approach to treatment in veterans and the general population. Soft Tissue Therapist Yaad Hassan explains the complex relationship between PTSD and pain, and his first hand experience of treating both the mental and physical challenges.

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Chronic Pain and Acupuncture

Chronic pain is on the rise. If pain killers aren’t the way to go how can we tackle this problem? Our MDT utilise evidence based exercise prescription & other modalities such as acupuncture to overcome injury. This blog discusses the role that acupuncture can play in pain relief.