Yaad Jacob Hassan

Soft Tissue Therapist


Yaad Hassan SQ

Yaad brings with him a special set of skills and experiences that rare in his field. As an army combat medic veteran, he comes with extensive experience in trauma and pain medicine, and has a degree in Chinese medicine. He is passionate about pain education and the treatment of pain, and focuses mainly on acupuncture, breathing work, manual therapy, sleeping architecture, finding joy in movement, and instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation (IASTM).

Yaad started his holistic therapy journey in 2010 in the college for Chinese medicine in Tel Aviv. After graduating in 2014, and working alongside his college mentor to develop a broader understanding of internal diseases within ancient Chinese medicine, Yaad then opened his own clinic in Tel Aviv, mostly working with CrossFit athletes — his favourite sport. Shortly after moving to London, Yaad started working with a supplementation and nutrition company as their learning and education adviser.

Yaad’s side hobby is cooking; coming from a Mediterranean background with grandparents from Iraq and north Africa the culinary choices are vast and delicious. Whether he’s cooking a meal for 2 or hosting friends and family, the kitchen, with steaming pots and the smell of spices, is always a place Yaad loves to be. His bubbly character will shine in even the darkest of times, helping you to feel better, and leave smiling. Yaad believes that treating pain and suffering has many faces; laughter and kindness should form the foundation from which to build your recovery. 

Specialist Interests

Back Pain, Neck Pain, Pain Management, Stress Related Pain, Sleeping and Breathing Work

Sporting Interests

Triathlon, Gymnastics, Cross Fit and MMA

Work Experience

Chinese Medicine, Trauma Medic and Combat Veteran

Other Experience

Acupuncture, IASTM, Electro and Cupping

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St Paul’s EC4M

Our St Paul’s clinic occupies a prime location on the 1st floor of the One New Change development, convenient to Cannon Street, Mansion House and Blackfriars. Offering both face-to-face and remote consultations.

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Yaad Jacob’s Blog Posts #

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